Mike Goguen - Montana's real-life Batman / by Demo


Michael Goguen and Paul Cioffi met for the first time six months after Two-Bear Air, a search and rescue operation based in Whitefish, found him dying on the side of a mountain.

Finally he is able to say thank you to the man who's responsible for saving him: the "Bruce Wayne" who singlehandedly funds Two-Bear Air.

Paul Cioffi, rescued climber, says, "I don't want to cry, but it's really cool that what he does - it saved my life… it saved my life."

Like Batman, this billionaire philanthropist changes into his uniform: his cape and mask, his search and rescue gear. ABC FOX Montana went on a training mission with Goguen, pilot Jim Bob Pierce and Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry.

Curry says, "he's competent, he's professional - quick learner. He picked this up really fast and really is just one of the guys. He's a crew member when he's here with us."

Dangling 90-feet in the air, this is Goguen's mission he says now.

Our anchor David Winter spent the afternoon with Goguen and his girlfriend Jamie Stephenson at their home above Whitefish Lake.

At 75,000 square feet it's the 11th largest home in the country, but Goguen's beginnings are much more modest. He was born and reared in Bedford, Massachusetts, his mother and father started with nothing.

How he rose to his title of venture capitalist and philanthropist came from a simple need: to get a job. Starting with electrical engineering he went on to create a building block of the internet: a two layer switch.

From their he joined with prominent venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and getting involved with a number of investments.

From scandal to local donations Goguen has made a name for himself in the US and the Flathead.

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